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A rich sea where miracles overlap ; "Goto"

Off the coast of Kyushu and Nagasaki Prefecture, there is a beautiful sea surrounded by several islands.

The stunningly beautiful sea is surrounded by the natural Goto Islands. 


Goto are the one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.  Although they are remote islands, 

there are many fish species that boast the largest catches in Japan, and the flavors of fresh fish that are caught in the region are also reputed to be extremely delicious. 


The secret to this is in the topography and the current of the sea. The conditions there are like overlapping

miracles which result in a perfect breeding ground.


This region in the sea is where the world's largest warm current "Kuroshio" crosses the cold 

current "Liman Current" off Goto. When the trees on the islands rot, they flow into the sea 

becoming food for the plankton, and the seabed in this region is on one of the largest continental shelves in the

world, and all these factors combined with sunlight make for perfect breeding grounds for plankton. In this way, many factors overlap with the sea to allow plankton to grow in abundance, which leads to a wide variety of fish

to gather in the region of the sea.

Because of these various conditions, such as two ocean currents colliding, an abundant food supply for the fish 

due to the environment and topography, Goto is arguably one of the best fishing spots in the world. 

In addition, the currents that pass through the islands are very fast, and fish swimming in the rapids of the sea end having more firm and flavorful meat. These are the reasons behind why the "Goto" fish are exceptional. 

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